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Our Achievements to Date

Support from Malawi Government

Having worked tirelessly for several years, we received some good news at last. It was confirmed in July this year that the Malawi Education department will provide fully funded teachers to the school at Mwanjati. The good news has been welcomed by the trustees in the UK and the community in Malawi. This now means that we now have 11 teachers’ including the Headteacher. At the beginning of term in September, we had 470 pupils enrolled at the school and we anticipate the number to continue to grow.

Future plans and projects

It’s fantastic the Malawi government has supported us with the eight new teachers. Along-side the government funded teacher’s, MVST has to provide monthly salary to four teachers at a cost of £160 per month.


At the moment we only have 5 classrooms and 6 classes are currently taught outside under a tree. However, classes are forced  to cancel from time to time due to bad weather. We need to raise enough funds to construct 3 – 6 more classrooms over the next year or so.

Immediate priorities:

•    Construction of 3 - 6 more classrooms.

•    Food programme (we want to provide porridge to some of our pupils). It only costs 6 pence per day per pupil

•    Construction of latrines

•    Teaching materials i.e. text books, pens, pencils, chalk bolds, boxes of chalk

•    Borehole (currently in discussion with NGO working in Malawi looking to help us)



Our wish list:

•    Provided school uniforms to the rest of the pupils

•    Staff room

•    Desks

•    Maintenance and  repair of existing buildings

•    Solar panel (portable). There’s no electricity in the village.


Fundraising is a priority for us in 2017 - 2018. If you would be interested in

donating a small amount to the charity on a regular basis then please get in touch with us. 

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